Container Sales

How much does it cost to buy a shipping container? Surprisingly enough, not as much as you would think! A used shipping container for example can be had for as little as a couple thousand dollars. Modified containers have varying prices, depending on the container size, and complexity (or simplicity) of the modifications, so we can’t give a specific answer to this one straight off the bat. However we do offer extremely competitive prices on both new and used shipping containers, so once we’ve found out exactly what you need, we can give you an accurate quote in minutes. We can also send through a general price list of what’s currently in stock on request.

Container Hire

Did you know hiring a shipping container starts at less than $5 per day? Naturally container hire prices vary depending on the type and size of the container, and how long you want to hire it for. But our prices are incredibly competitive. So why not give us a call, or arrange a ‘Quick Quote’ by filling out the form on the right of the screen, and we will get back to you. We have a huge amount of containers in our Rockhampton depot, and in many cases can have your container to you within a day of your booking. As a rule of thumb, we offer three types of shipping containers for hire: Refrigerated, High Cube and of course, the mainstay of the industry, the General Purpose shipping container.

Modified Containers

Shipping Containers Rockhampton offer modified container conversions to the general public and small businesses, as well as to the big boys in mining and construction and energy sectors. Like the idea of a cost effective granny flat, garden shed, art studio or workshop in the backyard? No worries. A shipping container may be just the answer. Small business owners looking for another income stream, without the infrastructure costs? A pop up container cafe is a cost-effective add-on to your venture. Shipping containers also make excellent exhibition booths for travelling trade shows, roadshows and festivals. We’ve even helped create a remote bush retreat used for mountain-biking weekends!

Container Shelters

At Shipping Container Rockhampton, we are pleased to provide top-of-the-line shipping container shelters that offer both a refuge and storage. Whether you need somewhere safe to store industrial machinery, farm commodities, vehicles or other items of value – our customizable shelters have got you covered! Imagine having a weatherproof, long-term storage solution that can fit anywhere you need it. Our shelters are the perfect way to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures, harsh winds and potential theft.